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Robin Williams is no more

Robin WilliamsWell, I just heard the news. I’m currently on vacation, so I’m kind of disconnected from the rest of the world right now. I’ve not listened to my favorite radio station, which normally keeps me informed to the minute. And as you know, I’m not too keen of social media.

Well, I was visiting a pet store with my son, which I had heard good words regarding their fish section. To be honest, it’s one of the most beautiful pet store I’ve seen in my life, and their fish section was genuinely astonishing. I noticed my favorite radio station was what was playing there, rather than the bowel movement inducing pop music you usually hear in stores, or on general radio.

I began paying attention when I heard the name Robin Williams, and couldn’t ignore the fact that they were speaking of him in the past. Soon enough, I got it that one of my favorite actor had put an end to his days.

On my way back home, images of him crossed my mind, some of the movies I loved which he played in. My favorite one was Dead Poets Society (1989), but The Final Cut (2004), though totally different, isn’t far behind. Both movies are on my top-10 list of my 50 favorite movies.

Back home, I googled his name to learn more. I can’t believe what I saw. Since when details of suicide are supposed to be in headlines? I had to browse in between extremely graphic details in several articles to finally learn what I really wanted to know. Where is this world coming to?

I’m not much into people’s private life. Well I know how many children each of my friends have, and their names. But I don’t know what car Natalie Portman drives, what’s Adam Sandler’s favorite sport, or what body part Miley Cyrus showed on her last visit to the beach. Hum, bad example, I know what body part it was. Let’s say I don’t know where Jennifer Lawrence lives or if she’s married.

Upon learning of Robin Williams’ death, I sincerely hoped he didn’t want to be old, though I was aware he wasn’t that old (he was 63, actually). Or that he had recently learned he had cancer and didn’t want to go through that. But no, reasons were bad. He was depressive and had fought substance abuse for the last several years. He also apparently tried two different methods the same night to end his days, I thus conclude it wasn’t foreplanned, but done on impulse.

Well, the good thing with artists is that they never really die. They leave behind what they were actually known for. In this case, Robin Williams is credited for no less than a hundred pieces of art as an actor, both on the silver screen and the small screen, the first one in 1977, before I was even born. Furthermore, he stars in two different movies, currently in post-production, both scheduled for release in December. Plus, he also voice acted a dog (!!) in a sci-fi scheduled for next year.

What will you remember Robin Williams for? What did he mean for you? What impression did he leave in your life?


6 comments on “Robin Williams is no more

  1. sledpress
    August 12, 2014

    An odd side road: I have seen only a small part of Williams’ top-billing roles. I loved “Hook” (the dissing contest!). But he also did an unbilled bit part in Kenneth Branagh’s “Dead Again,” playing a defrocked psychotherapist whom the Branagh character (noir California detective, think Philip Marlowe) has to find because one of his former patients has left him money. At the time, barred from his profession for having sex with patients, he’s stocking shelves in a grocery. It’s just a sub-plot and the WIlliams character’s role in the big plot is to offer some psychiatric insights about Emma Thompson’s character (a mystery woman with amnesia). You absolutely can’t believe you’re looking at Robin Williams sitting on that pile of canned goods, and I have to think he did it just for the fun of working with the other greats in the cast. You have to love a guy who will do that at the top of his career.

    • Tom Duhamel
      August 14, 2014

      He did a few movies every year, and was likely paid several millions for each of them. I wouldn’t believe anyone would keep doing these for the money. He had to love doing it.

      I’ll admit I’ve seen a fraction of his movies. Nobody could possibly have watched them all. He also covered so many genres that nobody could possibly like all of these.

  2. heretherebespiders
    August 13, 2014

    He’ll always be Mork from Ork to me. My sister even had rainbow suspenders. No, we don’t need those graphic details – nothing is private anymore.

    • Tom Duhamel
      August 14, 2014

      I don’t feel there’s any social rule at all anymore…

  3. Cats & Co
    August 27, 2014

    He’ll always be peter pan for me, and I LOVED him in Jumanji!

    • Tom Duhamel
      December 18, 2014

      Huh! I don’t know how I missed this reply. Four month and I really don’t remember having ever saw it.

      Classic roles! Not those I think of first, but surely both those movies would have been very different without him. I take it you prefer comedies 🙂 Isn’t it impressive that the guy was able to make you laugh in these movies, and make you cry in others?

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