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Not Your Typical Christmas Carols

Dedicated, DJ DCass even creates a unique cover image for his show every week

Dedicated, DJ DCass even creates a unique cover image for his show every week

Looking for good music for Xmas, but you’re tired of hearing boring carols you’ve been forced to listen to year after year since time immemorial? Well, DJ Dcass just gave us the Christmas Special I was hoping for.

I am not a fan of commercial radio. I only let it play in my car on the rare occasions I really want to please my employees. Most of the time, I listen to a local talk radio which keeps me updated on news and current issues. If I feel like listening for music, I bring my own. But even that gets boring over time, as there is only that much music that I own. But a few months ago, I discovered Soul Shenanigans and got hooked.

The show never gets boring. It’s two-hour weekly show that is only broadcast over the Internet. No advertisement. I don’t know what the guy behind the show eats for breakfast, but it must be something that sounds good, and never twice the same thing. I’ve yet to hear a song that was played before. He plays songs from all over the world, mostly funk, punk, soul and such, and when he picks famous artists he seems to pick the lesser known songs from these. To be frank, the most songs I had ever heard before in any one show was three, and none of these were songs I had heard often.

The show is live from Ireland every Thursday. You can get it from Radio23 — pronounced Radio Twenny-Treethough note that you must have a Flash enabled device. [Radio 23 uses Flash to play right from the website, or you can click the old radio to play an MP3 stream on any player.] You can also catch it on ErrorFM, which defaults to Flash but offers a few alternative methods to suit your software or mobile device of choice. [I was informed that ErrorFM went out of business on December 1st.]

Every Thursday at 20:00 UTC
Ireland/UK: 8pm
Europe: 21:00
Québec: 15:00
USA: noon PST / 3pm EST

Because of the time of the show relative to my timezone, I can rarely get the live broadcast. However a podcast (just a 2-hour MP3) is published a few hours after the show, which can be listened to from the website or downloaded. This one requires Flash too, but they just released an app for Apple devices, with an Android version coming soon. Most weeks, I just copy the podcast to an USB stick and listen to it in the car on long drives. The downloaded MP3 file is somewhat large (160 to 175 MB on average), but this is the cost for impressive audio quality. I mean, I play it very loud on my high-end (and expensive) speaker system and it sounds just like a CD. You can subscribe and be notified when a new podcast is published.

Listen Soul Shenanigans 2013 Christmas Special
Download Soul Shenanigans 2013 Christmas Special

Follow Soul Shenanigans on Google+, maybe he will be thrilled by the surprising new followers and actually begin using it. Or be a sheep and follow him on Facebook and Twitter, where I was told he is more active.


8 comments on “Not Your Typical Christmas Carols

  1. heretherebespiders
    December 21, 2013

    Hahaha! ‘Radio Twenny-Tree’! Yep! Made me laugh a lot, thank you! I think I’ll just reboot this if you don’t mind – I wanted to do a post myself but you’ve said it all and more! I do have one sad correction, tho – errorfm has just recently gone out of business.

    • Tom Duhamel
      December 21, 2013

      You know I wanted to do something for some time now. As I returned from work yesterday, I was on Xmas mood, as I won’t return to work for 2 weeks. First thing I did was play the podcast I had downloaded Thursday night but had not yet listened. Yes it IS good! Mid-way into it, it struck me, it was the perfect time to do this.

      As I was into the last touch of it, I decided to write the schedule as how it would typically be written in each particular places. I had to research UK, and I found that the BBC still uses the 12-hour format, while BBC Weather uses the 24-hour format, but it seems to me that the population in general is much more likely to use the 12-hour format. However, I really couldn’t find anything about how you normally display times in Ireland. How are schedules normally given on TV shows and such there? By the time I reached that point yesterday, it was too late to try to contact you.

      I updated to remove ErrorFM (you know, I visited to website to learn what format they had, as I had never been there before, I never noticed the red banner that says it’s over) and add the PodOmatic iPhone app (which I just learned about this morning through an advertisement email). Radio23 really should upgrade and provide other means of listening, Flash has been fading out since Apple devices came out. Even YouTube doesn’t use it as their main interface anymore.

      Tell DJ Hubby to check his emails, if he hasn’t already.

      • heretherebespiders
        December 21, 2013

        Hmm, I think most of Ireland uses the 24-hour clock. I get lost once it turns 20-something and look at my wall clock instead 🙂

        I think if you click on the link at radio23 it gives you a non-flash option? I can use it with my iPad, and you know apple and flash hate each other!

        He is shite about checking email, so I told him to – a few weeks back he finally cleared the 4,000 + backlog of unread stuff he had! Yes, he’s a twitter/FB kinda guy 🙂

        • Tom Duhamel
          December 22, 2013

          Ah! Got it!! I hate Flash and got a plug-in that blocks any Flash by default, and I couldn’t get a way to play it until I enabled Flash again. But yes I know about Apple, so I gave it another try, and figured that when you click the little old radio, it gives you an MP3 stream that will play on any player that you may have. Ah! I need to update the post for the third time 🙂

  2. heretherebespiders
    December 21, 2013

    Reblogged this on heretherebespiders and commented:

    I’m tickled pink that Tom loves my hubby’s music enough to do a whole post, with links! Thank you, Tom! The Xmas special is pretty damn good, too 🙂

    • Tom Duhamel
      December 21, 2013

      No I don’t mind that you reblog this, thanks for asking lol 🙂

  3. ĽAdelaide
    December 21, 2013

    Thanks for the suggestions… I don’t like “traditional” holiday music so will definitely look into this site. blessings ~

    • heretherebespiders
      December 21, 2013

      Hi there! I really hope you give it a go – he had such fun making the show!

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