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Kraft Dinner

Before anyone says a guy can’t cook, the idea was inspired by this post by Heretherebespiders. Maybe you should read it and return here afterward. Beside, the automatically generated linkback from her blog might draw attention to my own blog.

So here is my dinner. Well, people do that on Fakebook every day, so I suppose I can do it once on my blog.

Don't mind the Italian sounding brand name -- ItalPasta is registered in Ontario, Canada

Don’t mind the Italian sounding brand name — ItalPasta is registered in Ontario, Canada

It is a common knowledge (or a common myth, you’ll tell me) that Québec is the only place in the world were mac & cheese is called Kraft Dinner. We even use that term for mac & cheese from different brands. [I was informed the term was used throughout Canada.]

I ate a lot of Kraft Dinner back in college, but had not ate it for years. But then, a few weeks ago, my son made me buy some. Usually, when I ask him what we should buy for dinner, he says he doesn’t know. He is growing up, I’ll learn not to ask again. But then, just after I read Spiders’ post, I went up to see what I would eat for dinner. There was this box left, and without a second thought, I just picked a dirty pot that was left in the sink since yesterday’s dinner, put it on the floor a few minutes so my cat could lick it clean, filled it with water and prepared Kraft Dinner. What, don’t you know how guys cook?

Beside, here is a cue at the temperature here. When you don’t know what to talk about, talk about the weather. Québec is said to be the only place in the world where there is a 60 degrees difference between summer and winter (and I really mean Celsius). By this time of the year, it should have been cool outside already. It isn’t. (Yes, I do remember I wrote this already when I was drunk.)

Oh, I’m not complaining! I love heat, I hate winter. But here is what my thermometer showed just a few minutes ago, about an hour before sunset.

30.1°C / 24%

30.1°C / 24%

The thermometer is close to a window, but in the shadow. (I don’t trust the humidity level on it though, it’s really not too dry – at least, most Europeans wouldn’t think so.) Our spring been late, we had cool weather and a lot of rain until mid-June. But then, it seems summer doesn’t want to go away. Year after year, I was saying to people that I remembered having been sitting in the grass without a shirt on a 30th of September. That was circa 2003. I never thought I’d see that again. I don’t have grass and there is a kindergarten below (that one was the excuse for keeping my shirt on), but I did spend time on the balcony this afternoon. In the sun. Without a coat. The neighbor didn’t wear a shirt.

And, well, here is what it looked outside at the same moment.

About an hour before sunset. It's a 2014 Hyundai Veloster, I know you were wondering.

About an hour before sunset. It’s a 2014 Hyundai Veloster, I know you were wondering.

Because there is absolutely nothing in this post that is comment worthy, let me end this with a little thought.

Have you ever had a moment when you realized a friend might need help, but doesn’t ask?


6 comments on “Kraft Dinner

  1. sledpress
    September 30, 2013

    Ha! I saw you over at Spiders’ place.

    This is the time to confess that once back in the day, when I was still living in my parents house, I had to deal with a second cousin as a guest in the house and all she would eat — ALL she would eat — was a Kraft Dinner or a fast food hamburger. Her parents let her get away with this, even to rudeness in restaurants when she whined that nothing on the menu card was good enough because it wasn’t a burger or a Kraft Dinner. One night she saw me preparing courgette and went EWWWWW. I had had it. Later that evening I took apart and put away the individual guest cot that she had been given because WHINE WHINE she didn’t want to share a perfectly good double bed with her sister. Everyone got the message. I can never look at a box of mac and cheese without thinking of this snotty little princess. If only she had been offered it from the pot the cat licked clean!!!! You have given me a fantasy to treasure.

    That looks like a happy cat!

    • Tom Duhamel
      September 30, 2013

      Lol! Thanks a lot for the story, made me laugh 🙂 Where are you from and do you call it Kraft Dinner over there?

      The cat makes for such a good background, isn’t it? Ah! I’m full of creativity! And it makes for a popular tag 🙂

      • sledpress
        September 30, 2013

        Just South of Washington DC in the States — on the Virginia side. We just usually say macaroni’n’cheese or Kraft Mac and Cheese, if it is really the Kraft brand. Which is what most people buy.

        At Spiders’ I left a link to a triple cheese homemade mac/cheese dinner which I keep saying I’ll fix, and then I don’t, because it means lighting the oven and I am a healthy food maven. But there is no better comfort food, and I made and ate a whole batch the day that I confronted the leg injury that still bothers me, about a year ago.

  2. heretherebespiders
    October 1, 2013

    I think all of Canada says Kraft Dinner – I just didn’t know it applied to not-Kraft brands. My friend here is from Vancouver and she says it (and her grandma sends it to her in care packages, a ridiculous waste of money, shipping is deadly expensive).

    You made me laugh with the cat-dishwasher story too! I know it can’t be true because if there was anything tasty in the pot while it was in the sink, kitties would have found it already 🙂

    I can’t believe how hot it is there! It is warmish here, but the winds are bad and that sucks the heat out of the air, and the fun out of being outside. Warmish being 15.2 at 7:30 am! Okay, I lied, it’s chilly.

    I now have a mental picture of your neighbour scaring little kids…

    • Tom Duhamel
      October 1, 2013

      Kraft Dinner shipped? What about money order or something? There’s obviously lot of money wasted…

      The “cat-dishwasher story” was indeed fake. If I was this disgusting, I would at least not tell about it lol.

      Oh we get about 10-12 in the morning (I leave home at 6 am). By 11 this morning, we already had 19. It was 24 as I was on my way back home (about 4 pm). Still 28 inside right now. I can’t believe it neither, but it’s true. And enjoying it 🙂 No changes forecast this week, we’ll have a beautiful hot week.

      Even without a kindergarten around, I wouldn’t get on my balcony without a shirt. It’s okay at the pool or the beach, but right in the city… I think it’s not polite (though not illegal).

  3. heretherebespiders
    October 1, 2013

    It’s not sold here – at all! This is why hubby bought me shit inna can. I can’t say if it just the Irish that dislike it, or the English, or both – one of our major supermarkets is English. This is where he found shit inna can. There is a US food market in Dublin – 2.5 hours away – that sells American products at horribly inflated prices. Still never seen Lipton Chicken Noodle there 🙂

    I like that you find it odd to take your shirt off, actually. I can’t – why should you! Heheh – yes I know I just set myself up!

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