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Drunkness Non Sense

We are September 20th. Usually, this should have been a cold day. It isn’t. We had 27 Celcius today, while it should have been closer to 10. Do I complain? God no. I’m happy. Today was a real sunny summer day. Not too hot, not too humid. Not a typical Québec summer day, but the kind of summer day I’d take all year round. Like most Fridays, I was done working well before noon. So I just spent an entire afternoon doing absolutely nothing constructive, but it has been one of the best afternoon I have had in quite a long time.

We were just beginning the day that most of my employees expressed their wish to be deposited at Crémazie metro station, a station to the north of the city, opposite to where I live. Fine, it suits me, it gives me an excuse. One of them didn’t like the idea, so I suggested that I could bring him right to his house, this was the excuse.

See, Mathieu is the Mélissa’s boyfriend, and Mélissa is the only person that I currently call my best friend. Actually, she is close to be the only person I could call a friend. I met her a few years ago, shortly after I was transferred here in the big city. She happened to be the cute girl that had a personality that I liked. I remember that back then, I asked my boss to keep her as a member of my team after only one day. Yes, I had an eye on her, and I told her recently. But things didn’t get into that direction. Over the following months, we both had an eye on each other. I know, because I recently had a conversation with her about this. Mostly everyone thought we were going out together. But at one point, we independantly decided to just be friends. That too I know because we told each other. So Mélissa became my best friend, and according to her I am also her best friend. Years went away, but friendship remained.

Initially, I was assigned the task to train her as a team leader. The boss that gave me that task was later fired, and the later boss didn’t have the same idea. But I nevertheless completed my task. I taught her everything she needed to know, and I assisted her during her driving lessons. At the end, she was ready, but the new boss didn’t consider her. After a while, she just gave up the job and went a new road. I lost track of her for a short while.

She met a guy and got pregnant. Then, things turned out very wrong. The baby decided to discover the world three months before term. He almost lost his life, and almost killed his mother in the process. She remained in a coma for a few days, and they both remained at the hospital for several months, during which I had no clue about their existence. Until she came out, at which point she finally contacted me again. Soon after, she decided to come back and work with us again. Very soon, the boss asked her to be a team leader, as one had to quit unexpectedly, which she obviously accepted. After all, I had trained her for that very position.

After her return, I was at her place about once a week. Every little event of life was a good reason to see each other. For I recently noticed the summer went by and we had not seen each other off work. When Mathieu showed his dissagreement to be left at Crémazie metro station, there was the excuse I needed. Well, Mathieu, I’m going to get you right to your apartment, and thus I will have a chance to see Mélissa off work. It’s obviously not how it was presented, but it was still obvious that it was the reason. I knew from the beginning that I wouldn’t be there for very long as they had planned a getaway weekend. A really nice decision considering the beautiful September that we are going through. But one hour was one hour. And it was well spent on her bacony. We almost didn’t talk about job. How could three coworkers talk about anything not job related? Well, I think we did a good job.

Back home, I had only one idea. Get to the convenience store to get some beer. The weekend before me is forecast to be beautiful (maybe a little rain, but mostly hot), and I have no son, no friend, to spend it with. Maybe Dianda will want to speak with me, but I have still not found my mic that I have lost track of since I moved in July. What else to do than drink some beer? So I went and grabbed a 12-pack of Sapporo (a beer that is heated up by two dragons). Back home, my neighboor was out, on the balcony. “Do you work tonight?”, I asked, no he said. “Did you recently subscribed with the Alcohol Anonymous?” No. “Do you have any reason not to accept this bottle?” He laughed and grabbed it. We spent the rest of the afternoon there, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes, on the balcony, in the sun. I left my door open so my cats occasionally came to see us. My neighboor is not the kind of person I would normally have befriended. He is much older than me, in his 50s, and obviously an alcoholic. He has nothing interesting to say. But he is still a nice person, and I had decided from the moment I moved here that I would be friend with my neighboor. After all, we share a balcony. We drank beer for the rest of the afternoon, talking about things that would be totally uninteresting to any outsider. Actually, totally uninteresting to even us. And than came the night, which reminded us that we were still in September, and temperature drops rather quickly after the sun sets.

So was this post interesting? Definitely not. I wrote it because I spent the day thinking about what I could post. I really want to dedicate time to my blog again, I just don’t know what to write about. Any idea? Anything that you want me to post my opinion about? Tell me in the comments below. Just want to have a chat? Comments below. Want to share gardening tips, or a cocktail recipe? Well, the comments area at Heretherebespiders, I don’t really like gardening or cocktails. So why did I post it? Well, I’m just happy. Had a good day at work, had a good day on balconies, and mostly because I am drunk. Also, because I wanted to post something. Oh, two personal posts in the same month, how nice is it? I never talk about myself, so here is your time.

I’m done rolling my joint, so now it the time to click Publish. No, I’m not going to read myself again. I’m not going to post a feature picture neither because there is a chance that I become sober again by the time I find one, at wish point his is not going to get posted. (Will probably regret this in the morning…. have a good day :)))))


14 comments on “Drunkness Non Sense

  1. georgefloreswrite
    September 20, 2013

    Why not post it! It’s fine. Are you married to the glorious lady who writes Heretherebespiders? She’s awesome!

    • Tom Duhamel
      September 20, 2013

      lol Who reads the comments of a drunk guy in the middle of the night, and then dare comment about it 😛

      No, the glorious Spiders isn’t mine. As much as I am aware of, the lucky one doesn’t share his mind on the web. Beside, the delicious Spiders (delicious is synonymous for intellectually interesting, right?) walks on a lot of land that is separated by a distance my mind can’t figure.

      • georgefloreswrite
        September 20, 2013

        That would be me and it’s only 10:00 at night here, I’ll be up for hours. Drunk blog posts are the best!

        Yes, Spiders is over the pond, but you might have been confused after all the drinking, so I can’t be too sure 😉

      • heretherebespiders
        September 21, 2013

        And thank you! My hubby does share his mind on the web – but not via blog. He’s an internet DJ. You can hear his voice and chat with him live while he’s playing, too – kinda cool. Also does that twitter thing I keep expecting everyone to get bored of…

    • heretherebespiders
      September 21, 2013

      Aww, thank you!

  2. sledpress
    September 20, 2013

    I love it that you just shared your beer and talked about nothing with your neighbor. Some people would say oh, how awful you offered a beer to someone who appears to have a drinking problem, but I bet he was happy for the companionship and drank at a saner pace than if he were alone.

    I say post things about your cats. those of us who love cats will never get enough of their doings.

    By the way, I love beer, which is a product of art. I always say “friends don’t ever let friends drink Budweiser,” but I am always eager to sample some local beer or craft beer from a small brewer. Sapporo is light for my taste, I like pale India ales with plenty of hops, but it’s all good.

    • Tom Duhamel
      September 21, 2013

      Hi and thanks! I may have abused the word “alcoholic” here. I thinks he drinks daily, but I don’t think it is a problem for him. He doesn’t cause trouble or anything, and as far as I am aware he does go to work anyway (and sober). He is the one who offered the second round, so he did have beer anyway.

      Yep Sapporo is light, but tastes a lot better than Bud. I got used to drink that one over the last few years, in part because I don’t have to pay full price as I have a small rebate from my company. And because I like dragons. What I call my favorite beer is actually from a local brewer, that is being distributed internationally, and which I talked about on my December 21st, 2012 post.

      As for my cats, I think I talked about them significantly in a post back in July where I shared my experience of moving out with cats (was much more my opinion and experience rather than an informational post à la Dianda (Cats & Co). Beside, I have a short series in progress where I want to talk about each of my three cats, their personality and all, which it seems I have been working on on&off for an infinite period of time now. The idea came after I noticed a few people posted something about their cats after they lost them, whereas I thought I should do it while they are still well alive. Maybe I could rush these a little more and shamelessly enhance my audience with them? 🙂

      • sledpress
        September 21, 2013

        You will never lose audience writing about your cats!

  3. heretherebespiders
    September 21, 2013

    Hahah! I really liked this post, don’t take it down! Quite a lot of my older posts are like this one – a stream-of-consciousness and also usually written while drinking. I like to see where your mind went when set free to explore! It’s good that you hung out with your new neighbour, too – maybe not much in common but location, but that’s a start!

    By the way I don’t drink cocktails either, I just thought it was a funny thing to say 🙂 And yes, I know I owe you an email! You should find that mic, I have Skype also. Do you use Facebook? I’m on that all the time too, Dianda and I can talk for hours on its chat function.

    • Tom Duhamel
      September 21, 2013

      Ah! That’s where Dianda have been spending these last few weeks!! We both use Skype and that is how we also spend hours talking, sometimes keeping her off bed when she should actually be sleeping. She have not logged in the last few weeks though, despite my invitation on her fucking post about fucking failing her German exam for the fucking third time.

      For mental health reasons, I am not willing to get on Facebook any time soon, but if you have Skype or willing to install it (it’s free, if you don’t use it to call a land line oversea). You should be able to find me there, you know my email, but if not I’ll be glad to give you my handle by email. I mostly just write there, but if I ever find my mic (how is it that I always loose things when I move out??) and you have something to protect your ears from my terrible spoken English… Well, it’s up to you. No webcam on my side though. I promise not to talk about fish too often. (Why exactly did I have to post something stupid while drunk before you asked? lol)

      • heretherebespiders
        September 21, 2013

        Oh no, no fair! I’m not going to make loads of my normal goofy faces unless I can see yours, too. Not fair at all! I do like to see the person who is also seeing me, after all.

        I’m not sure what your mental health reasons to avoid FB are, but if it relates to people you don’t want to find you finding you – just make up a name. I bet Off Topic as a name would work! Could also use it to promote your blog if you so desired. I’m just “me” on FB, no aliases, and all my family and friends see my rubbish. But I still keep it friends only, not friends of friends, as there are a load of arseholes out there and I try to keep my life as arsehole free as possible. Oh, and I do NOT mention my blog there. My family reads the blog, rarely comments, and a few close friends – but I do try to keep it anonymous.

        I like fish. Thhhbbt. And used to keep them, too. So there.

        Why now? I don’t know. You seem a bit stressed out with the move and I wanted to reach out. But still, no skyping unless I can see you! I’ll confess – I do way better with personal interactions when I can read body language – especially when an accent is involved. I almost feel as if I’m partly deaf – I really NEED to see someone’s face and/or body language to determine what they just said. It’s like reading a book and there is a word you’ve never seen before – you use the words around it and the overall idea of the sentence to determine what that strange new word means. I do that with people, 100% of the time. This is why I’m much better at writing, than being a real-life friend!

    • Tom Duhamel
      December 6, 2013

      Hahaha! I just read this post for the first time. Ever. I had not read it again after writing it. My gosh, how could you even follow and understand it? There are words missing, extra words, words replace with other words that somewhat sound similar. “Wish” for “which” lol. I won’t take it down, but I will likely not do it again lol

  4. Lidia
    September 22, 2013

    *goes to check skype right now* YOU’RE NOT ONLINE. 😦

    • Tom Duhamel
      September 22, 2013

      According to WordPress, you posted this at 5am. Did you really expect me to be on Skype at 5am a Sunday morning? Remember, 6 hours offset!! You wanted to befriend a long-haired guy from America, live with that offset LOL 🙂

      No obviously, you haven’t been on Skype for a while. Don’t worry, I haven’t secretly planned to leave a poop bag on fire on your balcony 🙂

      Just read your email, about to reply to it. Life has up and downs. You’ve had better and worst weeks before, you are going to go through it. But done talking now, or there won’t be anything left to say in the email!!

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