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Boomer – The Pet Lion


At the spring of 2008, a lion escaped a residence from a Native American reservation, in Québec, Canada. To this day, it has remained a mystery as to how the man became the owner of a lion, has he never revealed the secret.

Boomer when he was found in 2008

Boomer when he was found in 2008


Boomer when he arrived in Vancouver Zoo in 2011

He was found just a day later and sent to Granby Zoo in QC. His name is Boomer. He was just a kitten then, so he was not a danger. He couldn’t be put with the other lions because he was totally domesticated; other lions at zoos are not kitties! So he was alone in a cage. I saw him at the zoo a year or so later. He wanted to come and see the people, he seemed like a cat who wanted to play.

He spent 3 years there, as he was slowly reintroduced with the other wild lions. He was then sent to the Vancouver Zoo. The male of the pack there had recently died, so the lucky bastard was given the pack, composed of two females.

Law vs Common Sense

The-Flintstones-Ride-Em-DinoIn Québec, there is a law which prohibits importation and possession of lions. Because we needed such a law. People aren’t intelligent enough to know that a lion, even if it’s cute as a kitten, will eventually grow into a dangerous animal. And even with the law in place, someone went into the trouble of breaking it.

If we ever find dinosaurs, will we enact a law to prohibit them as pets, or will people just realize by their common sense?

Wild Pets

Adopting an animal is a life-bond contract between you and the animal. You don’t get rid of it when it becomes too large, or too ugly, or less joyful. You cannot pick pets which will be good just for a short while.

I don’t think it’s bad to mate a wild animal, as long as it’s done correctly. A wild animal may be just as happy when domesticated if taken care of properly. They may even be happier without the hassle of looking for food itself, without the stress of watching for predators, and may even enjoy a longer life.

There is a trend about foxes as pet. Foxes make for special, joyful and good looking dogs. I’ve once saw someone taking a walk with a raccoon. I’ve heard of skunks as pets. These are fine. Many animals would make for nice, original pets. I’ll admit, I dream of owning a squirrel as a pet.

But logic should dictate that some animals cannot become pets.


3 comments on “Boomer – The Pet Lion

  1. Lidia
    January 6, 2013

    Not sure how the law is there with Skunks. But so far I know they are only allowed as pets in America when they have their stuff removed that causes the horrible smell.

  2. heretherebespiders
    January 11, 2013

    I had a neighbour in Florida who had a pet skunk. No interest in them, myself. But…if I could, safely – I’d have a big cat. Let’s face it, even a ‘house cat’ isn’t that domesticated, and if you know horses they are TOTALLY wild animals. Horses kill more humans than any other animal! And we let anyone have a horse. I tried to get a degree in zoology just so I could work with big cats, I want to spend time with them so very much! I couldn’t afford to keep going to college, though.
    I guess the closest I’m going to ever get to a wild cat is my Bengal. That makes me sad, but at least I haven’t smuggled a serval into my house. Yet.

    • Tom Duhamel
      January 13, 2013

      I sure would love to own a large cat, I just don’t think it is safe to do. Small cats are unlikely to eat you (at least not before you die). Let me know when you get a serval 🙂

      Thanks for your honest opinion, it was appreciated 🙂

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