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One Strange Murder

I live in the vicinity of a metropolis. I see police, ambulance and firefighter vehicles many times a day. I see accidents, fires and other catastrophes regularly. I hear gun shots at night. Just a year ago, a regular morning, I was getting in the car ready to leave for work, when I heard 5-6 clear gun shots just a block away, and within seconds I had to fight my way around a dozen police cars just to get away and reach my destination; I learned later that day that the police had just shot dead a man who was aggressive toward them. Nothing stops me from sleeping, it would seem that these things are part of life. Part of living in the big city anyway. Humans are really animals after all, and they act as such.

But this one murder, the eleventh one to happen in this city this year, makes me feel so strange.

Two days ago, a dead body was found in a pile of trash in Montréal, Québec. No head, no arms, no legs, just a body. I was identified as a male the next day, but it was actually impossible to tell when it was found. It would appear the body had been there for a week or so, and it was only found because of the smell. Have it been in winter, it would have been carried by the trash collector and would never have been noticed or found.

The previous day, a human foot was found in a freshly received parcel by a normal employee working at the Canada Conservative Party (a political party). The very same day, a human hand was found by Canada Post (the national mail carrier) because an employee noticed a strange smell. It was later revealed that the parcel was intended to the Canada Liberal Party (the other major political party). Police quickly made a connection between these hand and foot and the body found from the pile of trash. At that point, it looked it might have been a weird political gesture.

And then someone makes a connection between these elements and a video that had been posted on the Internet a week ago, and which no one reported to the police. The video shows the murderer killing and dismembering the victim. How the hell could possibly hundreds of people saw the video and no one thought about reporting it to the authorities? Could it be that it didn’t looked real enough? Could it be that people have become so accustomed to see such videos that nobody cares anymore? Fact it, several journalists have checked it yesterday, all of them said it was disgusting and none of them watched it entirely, they all stopped after a few minutes. I’m sure not going to watch it, or even try to find where it is hosted.

That is one crazy person. Definitely a psychopath. Yesterday, the man became the most wanted man of Canada. And this morning, after there were evidences that he left the country for Europe, and after Interpol picked up the story, he became one of most wanted men in the world.

This one strange murder affects me in some strange way. Not only the crime itself is disgusting, even for a CSI type of TV show. This is the kind of event I hear on the evening news from far away locations, such as the USA, or Europe. At worst, from the other end of Canada. But not this time. This time, the event happened just a few kilometers from my home. And within two days, the entire world has heard about it, and the authorities of the entire world are looking for the man.

The entire world is looking for a strange man who committed a strange murder right here in my direct environment, close to my place. In my very own world.


3 comments on “One Strange Murder

  1. Dianda
    June 1, 2012

    Wow, I wonder why he did it.
    And it’s a shame people saw that video. Youtube should block it, and I wonder if they have already.

    • Tom Duhamel
      June 1, 2012

      Though it was never mentioned in the news where it is that the video is hosted, I assumed it wasn’t YouTube.

      No one could possibly figured why he did this. But according to everything he did around this crime, it seems he never tried to hide the facts, and instead made sure it would be quite easy to link the crime to him.

      Currently it is assumed the man is a psychopath, that is a person which does not feels anything as normal people do. Though he was conscious of what he did, to him there was nothing wrong or out of the ordinary about it. But of course, only when he is found and examined by a doctor will we really know for sure.

      At least under Canadian laws, psychopaths are not excluded from a normal trial. He risks a maximum of 25 years in prison, which is the maximum for a 1st degree murder (we don’t have life sentence as is — but hey 25 years is barely more than my age). He might have more charges, but these don’t usually add up under Canadian jurisdiction, he will get the sentence for the heavier of his charges.

  2. heretherebespiders
    June 2, 2012

    I have a ‘friend’ on FB who, it seems, has seen this video and others, and refused to repost the link(s). But, no comments on reporting to any authority. Sorry you had something so entirely messed up happen so close to you. I’m still messed up over the face-eating guy and I’m not anywhere near close to where that happened.

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